The Cathedral + Treasury Precinct is an iconic site located on the eastern side of the Perth CBD. The Precinct is rich in history and tradition and is bordered by St Georges Terrace, Barrack Street, Hay Street and Pier Street.

The Precinct includes some of Perth’s most significant historical buildings including the Perth Town Hall, St George’s Cathedral and the Treasury Buildings.

The Treasury Buildings, located on the corner of St Georges Terrace and Barrack Street, were constructed between 1875 and 1897 on the 1829 foundation site of Perth. The buildings were constructed for State Government purposes and following many alterations over the years the State Government made the decision in 1995 to vacate the buildings and since this time they have remained vacant. These buildings will be restored and transformed over a three year timeframe.

The Treasury Buildings mark ‘Point Zero’ which is the point adopted in 1925 as the origin of all road distances in Western Australia. On the north-west corner of the Precinct sits the Perth Town Hall which took three years to build using convict labour and was formally opened on the 1 June 1870.

Next door to the Treasury Buildings along St Georges Terrace is the impressive St George’s Cathedral which was completed in 1888 and on the corner of St Georges Terrace and Pier Street sits the Deanery.  The Perth Town Hall, St George’s Cathedral and The Deanery will remain unaffected by the works carried out within the Precinct.

Location Plan

Directly opposite The Cathedral + Treasury Precinct on the southern side of St Georges Terrace are other significant heritage buildings including the Supreme Court of Western Australia, Supreme Court Gardens, Government House, Council House and Stirling Gardens.

To the west of the Precinct is Perth’s most popular retail mall, the Hay Street Mall, and within 300m are some of Perth’s most prestigious commercial office buildings. Only 200m to the south is the Swan River and the Precinct has easy access to convenient public transport options.